SpreadJS DevChannel 11.0.3 Hotfix Available

The Spread DevChannel is a great way to get hotfixes and preview new features. We've just released several previews. To gain access to the DevChannel, register or login to your GrapeCity.com account.

Bugs fixed in 11.0.3:

  • 253226: Fixed an issue where importing an Excel file crashes with specific formulas in cells.
  • 252779: Fixed a problem where the formula "=VALUE("-1")" returns "#VALUE".
  • 253125: Fixed a problem with formulas using Chinese input method.
  • 253128: Fixed an issue with formula input.
  • 253359: Fixed an issue where cross sheet references make pages blank in Firefox.
  • 253452: Fixed a problem where the touch toolbar or gripper isn't showing when cells are touched in Microsoft Edge.
  • 252933: Fixed a problem where the cursor wouldn't move using the left/right arrow keys in an editable combobox.
  • 253427: Fixed an issue where some formatting result is different from V9.
  • 252414: Fixed a problem where the LOOKUP function result is different from Excel.
  • 252461: Fixed an issue where the LOOKUP function does not work well for the text field.
  • 229410: Fixed an issue with the TEXT function.
  • 253423: Fixed a problem where the paste result is sometimes wrong when allowCopyPasteExcelStyle is false.
  • 253383: Fixed an issue where setting data and copying content causes allowExtendPasteRange to not work.
  • 253022: Fixed a problem where autosize doesn't calculate correctly for certain characters.

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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