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Bugs fixed in 11.0.3:

  • 253226: Fixed an issue where importing an Excel file crashes with specific formulas in cells.
  • 252779: Fixed a problem where the formula "=VALUE("-1")" returns "#VALUE".
  • 253125: Fixed a problem with formulas using Chinese input method.
  • 253128: Fixed an issue with formula input.
  • 253359: Fixed an issue where cross sheet references make pages blank in Firefox.
  • 253452: Fixed a problem where the touch toolbar or gripper isn't showing when cells are touched in Microsoft Edge.
  • 252933: Fixed a problem where the cursor wouldn't move using the left/right arrow keys in an editable combobox.
  • 253427: Fixed an issue where some formatting result is different from V9.
  • 252414: Fixed a problem where the LOOKUP function result is different from Excel.
  • 252461: Fixed an issue where the LOOKUP function does not work well for the text field.
  • 229410: Fixed an issue with the TEXT function.
  • 253423: Fixed a problem where the paste result is sometimes wrong when allowCopyPasteExcelStyle is false.
  • 253383: Fixed an issue where setting data and copying content causes allowExtendPasteRange to not work.
  • 253022: Fixed a problem where autosize doesn't calculate correctly for certain characters.

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