SpreadJS Hotfix 11.1.2 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 11.1.2 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 11.1.2

  • 258806: Fixed an issue with exporting to PDF resulting in incorrect code on macOS in some cases.
  • 258595: Fixed a problem with zooming.
  • 258593: Fixed an issue with some spread options not working when initializing.
  • 258360: Fixed a problem with the qualityFactor causing print layout to be incorrect.
  • 258499: Fixed an issue where copying numbers does not work correctly for some imported Excel files.
  • 258357: Fixed some problem with calculating formulas.
  • 2'{%placeholders.AR_MAIN_BASE_PRODUCT%}': Fixed an issue with the AVERAGEIF function when the sum range includes a blank cell.

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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