SpreadJS Hotfix 12.0.5 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 12.0.5 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 12.0.5

  • 268755: Fixed an issue that prevents cell comments from being imported from an Excel file if the application is built in production mode.
  • 268601: Fixed a problem that makes the font color in the Designer Rich Text Dialog in correct.
  • 268649: Fixed a problem that caused the Designer rich text feature to add “\r\n” at the end of the text.
  • 268700: Fixed an issue where a point can’t be plotted with X and Y values in a scatter chart.
  • 268562: Fixed a Designer SSJSON export error.
  • 268474: Fixed a problem with using the TRANSPOSE formula cross-sheet.
  • 268536: Fixed an issue that prevents input data from being stored in a data source.
  • 268490: Fixed a fromJSON error that is thrown with special json data.
  • 268576: Fixed a problem with setting a LOOKUP formula.
  • 268591: Fixed an issue the prevents an exported Excel file from SpreadJS from being opened in Excel.
  • 268724: Fixed a problem that prevents the same color option in the Designer’s rich text dialog from working.
  • 268679: Fixed an issue where a picture’s width/height ratio is changed after importing.
  • 268557: Fixed an issue that causes the primary value axis in a min/max range to be inconsistent based on data.
  • 268585: Fixed an error that shows when using the SUMIF formula.

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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