SpreadJS Hotfix 12.1.1 Available

SpreadJS Hotfix 12.1.1 is now available for download in the DevChannel and on the download page.

Bugs fixed in 12.1.1:

  • 271758: Fixed a formula updating issue with named ranges
  • 267105: Fixed a right border issue
  • 272143: Corrected shape position and picture size issues
  • 265969: Fixed Excel compatibility issue with Stock charts
  • 271591: Corrected a cell formatting issue that caused exceptions
  • 272389: Corrected an issue that prevent the ActiveSheetChanged event from firing
  • 272109: Fixed an issue with invalid data in the table filter list
  • 271556: Fixed an issue with getting the cell backColor
  • 271513: Corrected an issue with hiding sheets
  • 271480: Fixed a chart export issue
  • 271896: Corrected a axis title transparency issue
  • 272038: Fixed an exporting PDF exception
  • 272455: Fixed a DataRange dragging issue
  • 271993: Corrected an issue with axis labels and set axis units
  • 271995: Fixed a chart position issue
  • 272118: Fixed an animated chart export issue
  • 270994: Corrected an inconsistency in the CellChanged event
  • 271140: Corrected an issue with inserting columns in a table
  • 271544: Corrected a conditional format formula issue
  • 271170: Fixed an issue with NumberFormat.numberGroupSizes
  • 271318: Fixed an issue with PDF exporting and SVG images
  • 272101: Corrected a browser tab crash issue when exporting to PDF
  • 272105: Fixed a custom format string issue
  • 272119: Corrected a memory/RAM issue with successive Excel imports
  • 271224: Added support for runtime-only build of Vue

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Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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