SpreadJS V10 Fixed Bugs

In this article, you will find all of the SpreadJS bugs that were fixed in first release of SpreadJS V10. To view the release notes, see here: SpreadJS Release Notes To download Spread V10, click here: Spread Downloads


  • The column header will now print when it is set after data binding.
  • The EDATE function now has the same result in both IE and Chrome.
  • Copying values with quotes from SpreadJS and pasting into notepad no longer appends extra quotes.
  • DragFillUndoAction performance has been fixed.
  • HTML exporting no longer results in black backgrounds in some cells.
  • SpreadJS files save correctly in Google Drive now.
  • Copying and pasting text with double quotes from Excel no longer selects an extra row in the SpreadJS Designer.
  • Scrolling now works with filters.
  • Hyperlink with different fonts doesn’t show as strikethroughs in Firefox anymore.
  • Using multiple filters now shows hidden values as well.
  • Deleting rows after applying filters now works.
  • The Expression range no longer changes after adding/deleting a row.
  • Group Rendering and AddRow performance issues have been fixed.
  • SUM formula now evaluates correctly in Chrome.
  • autoFitColumn() with the AutoFitType set to CellWithHeader now works in Chrome.
  • The SheetNameChanged event works in Firefox now.
  • The browser doesn’t go into an infinite loop anymore when the value of a word wrapped cell is a space and its column width is set to be very small.
  • The DataValidation list does not change behavior when opening the XLSX file in SpreadJS.
  • There is no longer an error when using cross-sheet references in formulas.
  • There is no longer unexpected scrolling when setting a frozen row.
  • ExcelIO import issues have been fixed.
  • Setting the cell border now works when a default style is applied for the sheet.
  • A problem with the SpreadJS Designer Excel file open feature has been fixed.
  • The onRowChanged event now has a return-type and doesn’t throw a typescript compilation error.
  • Duplicate items in the FilterDropDown that use the same word no longer use a blank space.
  • Performance issues with floating objects have been fixed.
  • The DataValidation dropdown no longer gets stuck when hiding the Spread control.
  • An optional parameter has been added to removeTable() to allow the user to just remove table styles without removing the entire table.
  • Can now bind some columns in a table while also keeping data in other columns.
  • Certain formulas now work correctly.
  • The result of the EOMONTH formula is now in line with Excel.
  • Copying the buttonCellType now updates references so that changing the text of the new button does not affect the original one.
  • Users can now set tables without headers.
  • Print issues when setting spread.scrollbarMaxAlign(true) have been fixed.
  • Excel import issues have been fixed.
  • Setting borders for cells in Excel to none still shows borders when importing into SpreadJS.
  • Users can now edit sheet names when Spread is in a modal dialog.
  • AutoFitRow issues when zoom is less than 1 have been fixed.
  • Importing an XLS file with cross-sheet references no longer shows an error in the cell.
  • When multiple headers are copied and pasted into a span cell, there is no longer an error when undoing.
  • The startSheetIndex is now updated when the user adds a sheet.
  • When there are multiple row headers in a span, the celltype mouse event now fires when the second row is clicked.
  • Grouping performance issues have been fixed.
  • Hyperlink rendering in Firefox has been fixed.
  • Merge sort performance has been enhanced for the unbound use case.
  • Fixed the data validation drop-down not being hidden.
  • Fixed calculation bugs related to circular references.
  • Fixed an issue with the dynamic data validation list.
  • Copying and pasting text with a double quote from Excel no longer selects an extra row in the SpreadJS Designer.


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