StackOverflow's 2017 Developer Survey: Loved and Dreaded Languages, Tabs and Spaces

At GrapeCity, we look forward every year to the results from StackOverflow's excellent developer survey. The research is invaluable to help us develop our roadmaps, understand where developers are headed, and what they're thinking about. Here are a few highlights from my first glance at the StackOverflow Developer Survey Results.

Languages and Technologies We Love

Yes, I'm a marketer, so you know I'm excited about talking about this: JavaScript still leads the pack as the most common programming language (62.5%, and here's where I mention Wijmo for the first time), and C#'s #4, at 34.1% of respondents. JavaScript and .NET are still rocking the world, thank you very much. Here's a look at popular frameworks: Did I mention Wijmo? See also: ComponentOne Studio .NET. Did I mention Wijmo? See also: ComponentOne Studio .NET. Wijmo's got full Angular and React support. And, of course, ComponentOne Studio supports .NET Core. And Xamarin's coming in with 8.3% of respondents, which bodes well for Xuni Xamarin and the upcoming re-engineered Xamarin Enterprise beta. And you also love TypeScript. Wijmo, incidentally, happens to be written in TypeScript. Most Loved Programming Languages Most Loved Programming Languages

Frameworks We Love... And Dread

React, Angular, and .NET Core all rate highly as beloved frameworks, with React leading the pack at 66.9%, great news for our Ultimate suite. But you dread Xamarin. Why, I wonder, is Xamarin so scary? (I'd tell you to buy our Xamarin controls and you'll find it less scary, but you probably already guessed I would.) Most dreaded frameworks Most dreaded frameworks Angular, React, .NET Core, and Xamarin are all in the top five most-wanted frameworks: I'm telling you, check out Ultimate. It's got all that good stuff. Visual Studio is the dominant IDE across all categories of developers, falling second only to VIM among sysadmins/DevOps. You know I'm going to tell you ComponentOne Studio is built specifically for Visual Studio, right?

Tabs or Spaces?

We know what Richard Hendricks thinks. Most of you agree. I'm a tabber, myself. I'm a tabber, myself.

Music or silence?

You all chose music. Personally, I'm a fan of the White Noise app, set to a running stream. What KIND of music, I wonder? What KIND of music, I wonder? There's much, much more to the survey, and I encourage you to check it out: Read the StackOverflow Survey In the meantime, check out ComponentOne Ultimate. It's got Angular, React, .NET Core, Xamarin: everything you love or want, and we'll even reduce the dread a bit.


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