So, we are about to release Studio Enterprise 2009 v3 and have some exciting ASP.NET stuff in it. This is by far the most rock solid release we have had in ASP.NET yet. I will give you a little preview to what's coming (very soon). Here is what to expect:

  • Rich Windows 7 themes added!
  • New control, SuperPanel gives you custom scrolling bars (both horizontal and vertical), resizing, rounded corners, and shadows in your web page.
  • Change color and theme properties with Foxy for ASP.NET. The CSS style editor's DOM Inspector allows you to grab pieces of the control and modify it. Foxy auto-generates CSS for your web apps controls.

  • Major performance enhancements in the core Palomino technology

  • Improved spell-checking in Editor.

  • Best practices in CSS spriting used in all VisualStyles for optimized performance.
  • Added tristate-checkbox ability to TreeView.
  • Added ADO.NET Entity Framework support added to GridView.
  • Polished to perfection, tons of little enhancements and fixes to every control in the suite!

But don't take my word for it. Keep an eye out and download it when it drops!