Studio for Entity Framework to join Enterprise

I am happy to announce that our latest set of dev-tools built on the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework has a release date, price and package bundling all set. A release candidate is also available today for Studio for Entity Framework. The official release is set for November 16th, which is also our Studio Enterprise 2011 v3 release date. That fits well with the plan to include Studio for Entity Framework alongside the 8 other dev-tool suites in Studio Enterprise. That means anyone with a valid Studio Enterprise subscription for v3 will be entitled to this new product. It will also have the same base price as other studios, $895.00 USD per developer license, should you not want everything that comes inside Studio Enterprise. Studio for Entity Framework includes LiveLinq, our fast and alive LINQ extensions, thus making it available to Studio Enterprise users as well. LiveLinq will no longer be its own entity (pun intended) and will be part of SEF from 2011 v3 onward. If you haven't gotten around to checking SEF out yet, we (or I) have published a few new videos to walk you through on getting started. You can find everything on our website below.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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