Studio for LightSwitch 2014 v2 Release Notes

Studio for LightSwitch 2014 v2 (download here) is available. This is primarily a maintenance release and the details are below. Remember, Studio for LightSwitch is made of two sub-Studios, Studio for LightSwitch HTML and Studio for LightSwitch Desktop.

Studio for LightSwitch HTML

This version uses Wijmo version 3.20133.29 and contains the following fixes and changes:

  • [Grid] Fixed runtime error (A binary operator with incompatible types was detected) that occurred when filtering a column of type DateTimeOffset (TFS 69637).
  • [Grid] Fixed null object reference that occurred in some scenarios when clicking the Save/Discard buttons (TFS 69459).
  • [Events Calendar] The generated code for the events calendar control has changed. Either re-create existing screens or update the existing code to include an additional argument (highlighted below):
var calendar = c1ls.getCalendarContent(div, contentItem), timer;
  • [OLAP] Fixed runtime error (Value can’t be converted to type number) that occurred when the row field type was numeric and row totals were specified (TFS 66088).
  • [Events Calendar] Fixed bug where an events calendar on a hidden tab did not render properly if the browser window was resized before the tab was opened (TFS 60876).
  • [Grid] The Tap action now works if the grid’s selectionMode option is set to "multiRow".
  • [Grid] Fixed runtime error that occurred when custom screen code attempted to delete multiple rows.
  • Fixed bug that crashed the Visual Studio IDE when clicking the Edit Render Code link on a screen that was created as part of a Common Screen Set.
  • [Grid] Fixed regression where the wrong background color was applied to selected rows.

Studio for LightSwitch Desktop

This version uses ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight version 5.0.20142.409 (OLAP version 5.0.20142.277) and contains the following fixes and changes:

  • [FlexGrid] Currency symbols specified in the data designer are now displayed in column filter dropdowns and grouped rows in FlexGrid numeric columns (TFS 69471). Note that Format String must be set to Currency in order for the currency symbol to be shown in grouped rows.
  • [FlexGrid] Fixed bug where runtime filters did not work for columns that were bound to the Money data type when a currency symbol was specified in the data designer (TFS 65506).
  • [FlexGrid] Currency symbols specified in the data designer are now displayed in column filter dropdowns and grouped rows (TFS 65457).
  • [FlexGrid] Fixed editing bug where the cell contents of nullable numeric or Money columns could not be deleted (TFS 65856).
  • [FlexGrid] Fixed VS2013-only bug where multiple columns were not displayed in the dropdown list of an Auto Complete Box (TFS 45711).
  • [FlexGrid] Third-party custom controls now work properly in FlexGrid columns (TFS 56132).
  • [FlexGrid] Fixed navigation bug where the Target Screen setting was ignored when Show as Link was checked (TFS 61319).
  • [FlexGrid] Fixed regression error introduced in the previous build (String reference not set to an instance of a String) when the Money data type was used but a currency symbol was not specified in the data designer (TFS 65477).
  • [FlexGrid] At design time, the Save User Settings property is now a choice list (All, Column Layout, Filters, None) instead of a check box. If this property has a value of Default, which is not in the list of choices, then the previous check box setting is used (checked = All, unchecked = None). Once you specify a value from the choice list, then that value will be used as is.
  • [FlexGrid] Currency symbols specified in the data designer are now respected at runtime (TFS 49606).


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