Studio for WinRT XAML is Official

Yesterday we released Studio Enterprise 2012 v3, and among its biggest new features are the Windows 8 controls: Studio for WinRT XAML! Based off our popular Silverlight controls, these familiar XAML controls enable you to build better Windows Store apps with very unique functionality. Create advanced and engaging dashboards with our charts and gauges; display documents and reports with our unique PDF viewer; collect date and time information with our essential DateTime editors, and much more.

Now Part of Studio Enterprise

All Studio Enterprise users now have access to our Windows 8 controls at no additional cost. You can download the first official release of Studio for WinRT XAML below:

Note to beta users: If you installed any previous version of Studio for WinRT Beta or CTP, we advise that you uninstall that version. This is because the official release is installed as part of an MSI, and it will install side-by-side to the beta/CTP versions. You can uninstall the Beta/CTP versions through TOOLS | Extensions and Updates. If you don't have a Windows 8 device to download the controls and demos to, you can check out this demonstration video.

Go build better apps for the Windows Store today! For information on how to get started building Windows 8 apps, visit the link below.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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