Tech Connection Live Recap

Thanks to everyone for attending today! This is a stub post where we'll have slides and other follow-up information after the end of the event. Product Downloads On the back of everyone's name tag were two license keys--one for Studio for Windows Phone 7, and one for Wijmo jQuery UI Widgets. Here are links to the product pages, where you can learn more about the studios and download them: Studio for Windows Phone 7: Wijmo: Download the trials of each, and you'll be prompted for your key when you install the product. These keys are good for one year of updates, so current version plus the next three versions. Software Gardening Craig has posted the slides from his talk at XAML Cubed Greg posted his slides and a short recap at How to reference ASP.NET control IDs in jQuery There was one question during Mike Hostetler's talk about referencing ASP.NET WebForms control IDs. Part of my Rocking WebForms with jQuery talk discusses several methods for doing exactly that. I have a webcast, slides and sample code online at


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