Themes allow you to easily customize your UI controls with a professional, cohesive style with minimum work. They can also allow you to copy a familiar visual style such as that of Microsoft Office which can make the user experience much better.

ComponentOne WPF Edition ships with 21 professional themes. These themes have many inspirations including Microsoft Office, Expression Blend, the Silverlight toolkit themes as well as Modern UI:

Themes in WPF

The 21 Themes in WPF:

  1. Office 2016 White
  2. Office 2016 Colorful
  3. Office 2016 Dark Gray
  4. Office 2016 Black
  5. Office 2013 White
  6. Office 2013 Light Gray
  7. Office 2013 Dark Gray
  8. Office 2010 Blue
  9. Office 2010 Black
  10. Office 2010 Silver
  11. Office 2007 Blue
  12. Office 2007 Black
  13. Office 2007 Silver
  14. Bureau Black
  15. Cosmopolitan (Metro)
  16. Cosmopolitan Dark
  17. Expression Dark
  18. Expression Light
  19. Shiny Blue
  20. Whistler Blue
  21. C1Blue

You can also create your own custom themes.

Using Theming

These themes not only apply to ComponentOne controls, but they also apply the standard controls. You can apply themes in your app in several different ways. In XAML, the following approach will apply a theme to all child elements:

   <!--child elements-->  

This can also be done in C# code using the ApplyTheme method. This is useful if you need a theme set to just one page or one control and its children.

C1.WPF.Theming.C1Theme.ApplyTheme(FrameworkElement element, ResourceDictionary value);  

Or the most common scenario is to apply a theme to the entire app by adding it to the application's Merged Dictionaries:

    Add(C1Theme.GetCurrentThemeResources(new C1.WPF.Theming.BureauBlack.C1ThemeBureauBlack()));  

Note that this method works only when you apply a theme the first time. If you change to another theme at run-time, you should first remove the previous theme from Application.Current.Resources.MergedDictionaries.

What's the C1Blue Theme?

The C1Bue theme has been named the ComponentOne blue theme is the classic C1 theme originally used in all Component XAML controls. If you wish to keep this classic look and feel, you can accomplish so by using the C1Blue theme with any of the approaches described above.

ComponentOne Studio Theme Wrap-up

Theming is available throughout the ComponentOne Studio suite and gives you a variety of styles appropriate to many platforms (such as Material Design inspired styling on mobile), and also it also includes professional color palettes that you can use in conjunction with the theming capabilities to maximize the appeal of the applications you design.

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