An essential basic feature within ActiveX is having the ability to use a designer to access the properties of ActiveX controls. This enables us to implement operations such as styling, aspect ratios, fonts, etc. However, at times when we try to access the property pages of an ActiveX control, we get an error like “Class not registered. Looking for object with CLSID:{808A9BF8-DFA8-4A0A-BB85-F6F989EE8FDC}”.

In order to resolve this error, you’ll have to search for the CLSID in the registry details.

  1. Start Menu > Launch “Run” Application > regedit (Opens the registry editor)
  2. Use CTRL+F to search for the CLSID error you received earlier (In our example above, this was "808A9BF8")
  3. Look for the corresponding file name ending in .ocx or .dll under the CLSID
  4. Re-register that .ocx or .dll using regsvr32
  5. Close the project and open again to verify if the issue persists

For another example, imagine a second scenario where the problem exists with a C1Sizer control. First, look for the file C1SizerPpg.dll in your System32 folder, and register it through Start Menu > Launch “Run” Application > regsvr32 C1SizerPpg.dll
If you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows, then because the control requires a 32-bit version of Windows, you’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. Run “Command Prompt” as an Administrator
  2. Go to SysWoW64 (This allows 64-bit machines to run 32-bit applications)
  3. Make sure C1SizerPpg.dll is in this directory, or use regsvr32 to add the C1SizerPpg.dll to the directory

This should resolve the “Class not registered” error, and you should be able to gain access to the properties of the control.

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