Recently we released Studio Enterprise 2011 v2. This release was monumental for how many new and improved Web dev tools we included. It was the launch of our new ASP.NET Web Stack.

The (Short) Story

We wanted to completely rewrite our client-side (JavaScript) framework based solely on jQuery and jQuery UI. So we did. It's called Wijmo and you can use it as a standalone UI library. In fact, if you are so inclined we encourage you to do so.

Wijmo Extended in ASP.NET WebForms

The original purpose of Wijmo was to make better ASP.NET tools. So naturally, we did that as well. We just launched a new and improved (and completely rewritten) Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. Previously, we called this product Studio for ASP.NET AJAX. Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo is our next generation of ASP.NET Controls. It is built on Web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. The controls have rich interactive features made possible by these great new technologies while maintaining support for older browsers like IE6. This new studio includes WebForms Controls for every Wijmo widget. It also includes Extenders similar to the AJAX Control Toolkit for every Wijmo widget! Here are the Controls and Extenders available in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo: Accordion, Calendar, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, ComboBox, Dialog, Expander, FormDecorator, GridView, Input, Menu, Pager, ProgressBar, ReportViewer, Slider, Splitter, SuperPanel, Tabs, Tooltip, TreeView, Upload Note: There are a few controls from the previous version, Studio for ASP.NET AJAX that are not yet in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo: Editor, Gauges & Scheduler. They can still be used by downloading and installing Studio for ASP.NET AJAX here: Questions about our WebForms products? Ask them in this forum:

Migration Guides

Wijmo Extended in ASP.NET MVC

Our final task in the Wijmo plan was to build tools in MVC to extend Wijmo. And we did that too! We created the brand spankin' new Studio for MVC Wijmo. We originally planned to make HtmlHelpers for each widget in Wijmo, but decided against it. We found that it was easier to use Wijmo in its pure form than work with really complex helpers. So we made really nice Project Templates and Scaffolding that make using Wijmo in MVC really easy. If you want to read more about this cool new technology, check out our Studio for MVC Wijmo documentation. Questions about our MVC products? Post them in this forum: So stop reading and start coding! Have fun with our awesome new tools built on Wijmo.