Using Wijmo with WebSockets

There are a couple of crazy guys in Sweden doing some very cool stuff with Wijmo. Meet Uffe Björklund and Magnus Thor, the master minds behind a new WebSockets library called XSockets. They are really passionate about building real-time web applications and have turned their passion into tools and samples for the community. Their WebSockets library is for .NET applications and has HTML5 shims for browsers that do not yet support WebSockets. These guys are doing things in Web development that is what the future of the Web will be: real-time. Not to mention the insanely cool stuff they are doing with the Kinect. Uffe was looking for a UI tool that would compliment the XSockets streaming API. He needed something in JavaScript that could respond to live changes in data as they happened in real-time from the server. Needless to say, he found Wijmo. Since then he and Magnus have built some of the coolest apps I have ever seen with Wijmo. Here are some of the amazing things they are doing with WebSockets and Wijmo.

[XSockets.Net and Wijmo in a realtime voting webbapp]

A short demo (built on and wijmo) showing a simple voting webbapp in realtime.

[XSockets Wijmo Powershell CPU Load]

A realtime CPU-monitor on xsockets and wijmo... With powershell as datasupplier.

[Realtime voting by voice recognition with Kinect/XSockets/Wijmo]

A realtime voice voting webapplication with kinect, xsockets and wijmo. With just a few lines of extra code you can send your voice recognition over the web with websocket thanks to

[jQueryMobile MVC3 XSockets & Wijmo]

A Demo on a JQueryMobile Application built on Cornerstone T363 course. Uses MVC3, EF Code First, JQuery/JQueryMobile, XSockets and Wijmo

Another demo with the amazing Wijmo. This time we extend the wijmo carousel to be realtime including HTML5 drag and drop for adding images in realtime.

About XSockets

XSockets is a .NET library for building real-time Web apps using WebSocket technology. Learn more about XSockets from their website:

Welcome to XSockets.NET - We give you a great possibility to build and test WebSockets on the Microsoft.NET plattform. By just adding our free framework XSockets.NET to your WebbApp you can build realtime web-applications using powerfull WebSockets technology. Start your Real Time Web Experience by using Sockets - In a few mintes you will be ready to develop next-gen of websites!

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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