Learn how to take full advantage of ComponentOne's Xamarin data grid in your native mobile apps! In this webinar we'll cover the basics and great features of FlexGrid; and cross-platform development with Xamarin.Forms in Visual Studio 2017; and take a deep dive into some advanced FlexGrid functionality like on-demand loading, pull-to-refresh, and using the CellFactory.


What you'll learn about this powerful cross-platform Xamarin data grid

  1. About Xamarin's cross-platform development and FlexGrid's many features

  2. How to quick-start your Xamarin app development using the new C1 project templates

  3. How to license a project with the GrapeCity License Manager Add-in

  4. How to add a FlexGrid to your Xamarin.Forms project and bind it to data

  5. Use advanced FlexGrid features like on demand loading, pull-to-refresh, and the CellFactory

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