Video - FlexGrid 101 for Xamarin.Forms

Learn how to take full advantage of ComponentOne's Xamarin data grid in your native mobile apps! In this webinar we'll cover the basics and great features of FlexGrid; and cross-platform development with Xamarin.Forms in Visual Studio 2017; and take a deep dive into some advanced FlexGrid functionality like on-demand loading, pull-to-refresh, and using the CellFactory.


What you'll learn about this powerful cross-platform Xamarin data grid

  1. About Xamarin's cross-platform development and FlexGrid's many features

  2. How to quick-start your Xamarin app development using the new C1 project templates

  3. How to license a project with the GrapeCity License Manager Add-in

  4. How to add a FlexGrid to your Xamarin.Forms project and bind it to data

  5. Use advanced FlexGrid features like on demand loading, pull-to-refresh, and the CellFactory

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Kelley Ricker

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