Video: Get Started with Funnel Chart for WinForms

ComponentOne Studio's FlexChart features a Funnel Chart in all available platforms. This video walks you through how to add the funnel chart to your WinForms applications.

  1. Open Visual Studio, create a new WinForms project, and look for the FlexChart control in the Toolbox under the C1 WinForms 4.0 Tab.
  2. Drag and drop the FlexChart control from the toolbox to the Form’s design surface. This adds FlexChart to the view along with the required references to your project.
  3. Next, set up the data to be plotted on the Funnel. For this video, our data will represent the recruitment process of an organization, and each item in this source collection will be represented by an individual slice on the Funnel chart.
  4. To configure the chart, first, set the FlexChart’s ChartType value to ChartType.Funnel.
  5. You can also use the FunnelType chart option to choose between a Trapezoid or Rectangle look.
  6. Set the chart’s DataSource to the source collection containing the data we’re plotting.
  7. Next, set the chart’s BindingX to the property name that will determine the Legend entries for each funnel slice. For this video, it’s the “Name” property.
  8. Set the chart’s Binding so we can determine the width of each funnel slice. Create a new Series object and set its Binding property.
  9. Add the series to the chart’s Series collection, and that creates a basic Funnel chart.
  10. You can also control the Funnel’s neck width and height using the FunnelNeckWidth and FunnelNeckHeight chart options.
  11. Run the application and view the Funnel chart.

Try the Funnel chart web demo


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