Webcast: Adding Scalability and more with ActiveReports Server

Over the past few months, many customers have been asking "What's in it for me?" with regard to using ActiveReports Server along with their existing ActiveReports developer reports. So we went about sharing more details as part of a webinar in July. Our agenda for the webcast was to show how existing customers of ActiveReports could use ActiveReports Server to enhance their applications by adding features like scalability, load balancing, scheduling, and more. We had a good turnout of existing customers and started by running a few audience polls. We found that most of the attendees were looking to either migrate their WinForms applications to web apps, or to provide centralized storage and execution management for their reports. During each of the two sessions, we started by talking through a typical deployment of ActiveReports Server, and discussing where it can benefit existing ActiveReports-based applications. From the use of Managed Agents for scalability to the use of the HTML5 Report Portal and HTML5 Viewer control, we covered a variety of report management benefits. The webcast included 3 demos for various use-cases of ActiveReports with ActiveReports Server. We covered:

  • Migrating a typical WinForms application with embedded ActiveReports developer-created reports to ActiveReports Server.
  • Using the End User Designer (EUD) for ad-hoc reporting along with ActiveReports Server.
  • "A day in the life of a user" of the HTML5 Report Portal included with ActiveReports Server.

You can review the webinar on demand using the link below.

We had a very interactive session with the audience asking a lot of questions. I think we answered all of them during the sessions, many of which you can review in the recording above. As I mentioned in the sessions, we always look forward to hearing from our customers. Your feedback and comments are important to us in determining what our upcoming webinars and product versions will look like. Watch this blog for more updates and webinar reviews. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to us through email, forums, twitter (@activereports) or any of the other social media channels mentioned in our Contact Us page.


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