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There are many online reporting solutions available on the market today. Which reporting solution is best? What are the best practices in creating an organized, elegant, well-designed report? What process offers the best user experience?

In this GrapeCity webinar we'll answer these questions by demonstrating how to build a team performance report hosted in an Angular application.

The webinar is perfect for web developers new to Angular, along with current and prospective ActiveReports and ActiveReports Server users.

Webinar is June 12 @ 10 AM EDT and 1 PM EDT

After a brief introduction to GrapeCity’s ActiveReports, we will cover:

Reporting best practices to create professional reports

  • What are the best practices when designing reports?
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of reporting.
  • How to create practical reports leveraging the features of ActiveReports.

Creating an elegant user experience

  • What are the ingredients for a great UX?
  • How to build a clean and modern UI.
  • How to maximize report usability (intuitive design) and re-usability (re-using the report based on customer interaction such as filtering relevant data based on user role).

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With Angular, you can theme your solution to provide enhanced UI and improved UX. ~Mateen Firoz

About the Webinar Host:

Mateen Firoz, GrapeCity Product Manager

Mateen Firoz, GrapeCity Product Manager

Mateen Firoz joined GrapeCity in 2010 working directly with customers on the Customer Engagement team. Through that personalized care and interaction, he learned a lot from his customers, not only about their applications, but also about their needs, including the need for improving design and user experience.

Now a Product Manager, Mateen continues to champion UX improvements not only internally, but with clients as well. Mateen graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and now resides in Raleigh, NC with his family.

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Save your seat for the webinar!

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