Welcome to the new GrapeCity.com

In our continuing effort to leverage all of GrapeCity's resources to better support you, we have created a single GrapeCity Developer Solutions website: grapecity.com. All four of our current product lines—ComponentOne, ActiveReports, Spread, and Wijmo—have merged into a single site, providing you with one easy location for support, forums, blogs, news, and product information.

Our social media channels have also merged:

You'll also notice some additional changes. Our logos and brand colors will be updating, and by our next major release (November 2017), our demos, documentation, and other tools will be updated to a cleaner, more unified look. You'll get improved support and service, and a better overall experience.

The new logos for GrapeCity Developer Solutions product lines

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or send a support ticket if you find any problems.

Jody Handley

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