What's New in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo 2014 v2

The ComponentOne 2014 v2 release is here! With this release we have added lots of new stuff to Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo with an emphasis on modern data visualization. In this blog post, I will introduce to you the new controls and key features.



Display important trend information inline with the ComponentOne Sparkline for ASP.NET Wijmo. Sparklines are small charts used to provide data visualizations without taking up the space a traditional chart would. They are very useful in dashboards and are often shown in Grid cells.


The Sparkline chart has a simple API and has chart types like line, areas, and column, further it supports plotting negative values and showing tooltips for individual data points.



Organize information in two-sided FlipCards for ASP.NET Wijmo. ComponentOne FlipCard is a container controls with 2 panes. Initially it displays the first pane and when tapped it flips over to reveal the second pane. FlipCard is a fun way to reveal additional information on pages.


ComponentOne FlipCard supports 3D flipping animations that utilize CSS3 transforms. You can choose when to display the back pane of the FlipCard by choosing click, hover, etc. Control how the FlipCard behaves by setting its animation properties. You can control which animations it uses and which direction it flips. FlipCard for ASP.NET Wijmo also allows you to provide content when the card is flipped. You can use the event to make an Ajax request and display it in either pane.



Allow your web application to access directories and provide all of the Windows Explorer like actions with ComponentOne FileExplorer. It provides the same look & feel as on the desktop, matching the website theme. C1FileExplorer completely mimics the Windows Explorer functionality and is entirely built upon ComponentOne controls. You can easily add it to your page and organize your files and folders with features such as creating, renaming, deleting, and copying folders (and more) with full keyboard support.


ComponentOne FileExplorer provides different layouts to display content, you can chose to show a grid view or thumbnails or just display a tree structure to list the contents. C1FileExplorer supports Paging if there are too many items in the grid view. You can also filter folders/files in the grid. Filter the content as you type or upon pressing the Enter key.



ComponentOne BinaryImage provides an easy way to display an image which is stored as binary data directly in the database. The control can be used in any data bound control (Repeater, DataList, GridView etc.) to display images which originate from binary image field in the data source.


The C1BinaryImage control supports resizing like crop\fit\fill while retaining image quality. ComponentOne BinaryImage gives you control over the rendered image with customhttphandler. You can customize the image as per your requirements at run time.



ComponentOne SiteMap provides a convenient way to organize and list your site map nodes. You can add the site map nodes manually, or by data binding. You can customize the layout with level settings, and customize the node content with a template. ComponentOne SiteMap supports binding to all kinds of hierarchical datasources, like C1SiteMapDataSource, SiteMapDataSource, XMLDataSource, etc. You can also bind to a hierarchical datasource programmatically by setting the DataSource property. The SiteMap control allows you to define your own template for the nodes. You can easily give a custom look with images and text by defining the node template. ComponentOne SiteMap supports different layouts. You can choose a flow layout or list the nodes. You can customize a layout at each level with level settings.

Chart Trendlines


Analyze your data with trendlines in Chart for ASP.NET Wijmo. Trendlines alert you with the general rate of increase or decrease of your Y data over your X data. A common scenario is measuring the rate change of sales price over time. Trendlines can be used to forecast data and therefore lend themselves perfectly to data analysis. Our trendlines support multiple fit types such as: polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and more. They can be added to any Wijmo Chart and can be customized to meet your needs.

Grid Export

Export your data to Microsoft Excel®, CSV, or PDF formats using C1GridView. Our Grid supports exporting with just a few lines of code. Our export feature uses a webapi service that must be installable on IIS platforms.

Chart Export

Easily export your ASP.NET Wijmo Charts to PNG or PDF formats in just a few lines of code. Our export feature uses a webapi service that must be installable on IIS platforms. All these feature packed controls come with loads of samples, you can view the control samples here. Watch them in action in a MVC application here. Excited to play around with the controls? Download your copy of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.


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