Wijmo 0.8.2 Released

We have officially released Wijmo 0.8.2 Beta and are moving quickly towards the next version! Download Wijmo 0.8.2: [download id="5" format="1"] Wijmo is now officially hosted on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) thanks to our good friends at MediaTemple! Hey Google and Microsoft, you guys want to help us out too?

Wijmo Open – CDN

JS: http://cdn.wijmo.com/jquery.wijmo-open.0.8.2.min.js CSS: http://cdn.wijmo.com/jquery.wijmo-open.0.8.2.css

Wijmo Complete – CDN

JS: http://cdn.wijmo.com/jquery.wijmo-complete.0.8.2.min.js CSS: http://cdn.wijmo.com/jquery.wijmo-complete.0.8.2.css

What's New in 0.8.2


Modified wijhttpproxy request method. Fixed BUG: A copy of options instead of the options object itself needs to be obtained to avoid success method being regiestered multiple times.


Upgrade bgiframe from 2.1.1 to 2.1.3-pre. This version fixed the issue that iframe is still created on the win7 and ie7/8/9.


Add width to the labels option of the axis.x and axis.y. Provide text wrapping support.


Selector changed from "div" to "table". Behavior changed. wijrid should expect a table as its selector, not a div tag. Added dynamic data load from server. New feature. Changed column widths calculation algorithm and scrollbars positioning in scrolling mode. Behavior changed. Now it looks more like ordinary table wrapped with div. Made top and bottom pagers position fixed. Fixed bug: Pagers behavior was not consistent with other wijgrid modes. Fixed filter functionality. Fixed bug: Filters were not applied if wijgrid is bound to an array of hashes. Fixed filter editor markup. Fixed bug: Filter editor markup was broken in scrolling mode if header is fixed. Hovering and currency fixed under IE6\IE7. Fixed bug: Hovering and currency did not work under IE6\IE7. Modified hover behavior. Fixed bug: The hover row does not disappear when the mouse moves out of the widget. Modified behavior of filter dropdown. Clicking the filter button does not close the filter dropdown.

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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