Wijmo 1.5.0 Released

Wijmo 1.5 has dropped! We have some enhancements and a major change in globalization.

Breaking Change!

Important: We have migrated from jQuery.Globalization to Globalize. We are working with the jQuery UI team on the Grid Project and on thing thing that has come out of it is a refactoring of the globalization plugin. jQuery UI has made Globalize which is a localization tool to use beyond jQuery. Moving forward they will be supporting and using this library. We wanted to do the same. It is very easy to change support in your code for this.

Fix your references

Change your references from:

<script src="http://cdn.wijmo.com/external/jquery.glob.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

To this:

<script src="http://cdn.wijmo.com/external/globalize.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Update your code

Change any code you have using $.format from:


To this:


We just had a couple samples that needed updated for Pie Charts that used format in tooltips to create percentages. So if you copied any code from Pie Chart samples you should do a search for $.format in your project.

Chart Enhancement

We added collision detection to the tooltips in our charts so now they will not get cut off be the edge of the SVG element.

Grid Enhancements

Added new events called filtering and filtered to the event model. These can be used before and after filtering is done in the Filter Row. Added numeric input widget as the filter editor when the column is formatted as a percentage.

Go get it!

Make sure to download the latest version of Wijmo and read the change log!

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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