Wijmo 2.2.0 Released

This is a milestone release for Wijmo. It focuses on YOU, our customers. Wijmo 2.2.0 features several customer requests, like better documentation and samples, OData integration and a preview of Virtual Scrolling in the Grid.

The Grid

We've had quite a few people asking for guidance on using the Wijmo Grid with knockout, specifically with remote data. We sat down and build a simple app to demonstrate the best way to build a Grid ViewModel that fetches data from a web service. In doing so, we added some features (like totalRows and custom paging events) to the Grid to make this even easier. Check out the live demo of our knockout Grid or read this article on how to build a Grid ViewModel.

Virtual Scrolling (Preview)

We have also added in an optional Virtual Scrolling mode to the grid. This is marked as Preview and will be official in a coming release. To use it, simply set allowVirtualScrolling: true. Us the existing pageSize option to control how many rows the grid should load when virtualizing the DOM.

New Widget Explorer

We've adding a new Widget Explorer with easier navigation for all of our widgets and features. The new widget explorer framework is also built using a knockout ViewModel and bindings. Check out the new Widget Explorer online.

New Welcome Screen

We've also added a friendly welcome screen for when you first download (open index.html in the download folder). It offers quick links to the Widget Explorer, documentation, and locations of source code that you will need.

Go Get It!

Make sure to download the latest version of Wijmo and read the change log!

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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