Wijmo 2013v2 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo Enterprise 2013 v2 has landed. This release includes a massive list of bug fixes and some great new features. The biggest news in this release is our official support for AngularJS. We have also added some powerful new features to SpreadJS.

AngularJS Support

We heard your feedback during our AngularJS Beta and have made some changes. We now support binding expressions for two-way, one-way and include filter support. Also, our widgets now have a "-" in them after wij. We also added a dash convention to our option names. A dash indicates the next letter should be capitalized. So allowPaging is now allow-paging. Our support now exposes all widgets and all options of our widgets as AngularJS directives. To use them, simply declare an HTML element that matches the name of the widget (including the dash after wij) and then set any options you want as attributes. Note, you can specify complex options as child elements. And if the widget needs specific markup (like wijmenu) you can simply add it inside the widget element.


This is the second major release of our SpreadJS component. In this release we have added some powerful new features:

  • New conditional formatting (Icon Sets, Data Bar)
  • Data validation UI
  • Wijmo.data binding support
  • Cell Types, (ComboBox, CheckBox, Button, Hyperlink)
  • Cell level binding
  • Support latest version of jQuery, jQueryUI
  • New documentation

Learn more about what's new in SpreadJS

New Docs

One of the most requested features for wijmo is better documentation. So we have spent a long time completely rewriting it and have just published a brand new version of our docs online. But don't take my word for it, go check out our new documentation.

Go Get It!

Download Wijmo 2013v2 and explore the new mobile widgets.

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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