Wijmo 2014v3 has Landed

Wijmo Enterprise 2014v3 has officially landed. We have made some major updates to our brand new Wijmo 5 product. We have also added major new widgets and features to our Wijmo 3 and SpreadJS products.

What's New in Wijmo 5

KnockoutJS Support

We have added official KnockoutJS support to Wijmo 5. Our knockout support is optional, just like our AngularJS support.

You can use any of our Wijmo 5 Controls as KnockoutJS bindings by using the data-bind attribute.

<div data-bind="wjInputNumber: { value: theValue, step: 1, inputType: 'text' }"></div>

As an alternative to the standard Knockout binding syntax, the Wijmo for Knockout provides a possibility to declare controls in the page markup as custom elements, where the tag name corresponds to the control binding name and the attribute names correspond to the control property names.

<wj-input-number value="theValue" step="1" input-type="'text'"></wj-input-number>

Clipboard Support

We have added a new Clipboard class to our core, with helper methods for use by other controls.

Copy and paste data to and from FlexGrid using our new clipboard support. FlexGrid has integrated clipboard support via the 'autoClipboard' property, including events for 'pasting', 'pasted', 'copying', 'copied'.

Input Masking

Create masked input fields with our new InputMask Control.

We have also added a 'mask' property to the InputDate and InputTime Controls.

FlexGrid Columns also support masking and other input features via new 'mask', 'required' and 'inputType' properties.

Chart Enhancements

We have added multi-axis support in FlexChart via 'axisX', 'axisY' properties in the Axis class and 'axes' collection in the FlexChart class. These additions make it possible to add and customize multiple axes in the FlexChart control.

Labels now support rotation via the new 'labelAngle' property in chart Axis class.

Documentation Improvements

Our online help now supports showing/hiding inherited members. It also supports collapsing/expanding properties, events and methods.

What's New in Wijmo 3


Create visually appealing hierarchical data maps with the Wijmo TreeMap widget. The TreeMap widget displays hierarchical data as a set of nested rectangles where the area of each rectangle is proportional to its value.With support for hierarchical data source and easy navigation you can create unbound or data-bound TreeMaps in different layouts.


Wijmo Maps can display online maps from various built-in and custom sources. By default, wijmaps provides three built-in sources for Microsoft Bing Maps™ including aerial, road and hybrid views. Additionally, wijmaps makes it easy to use the online map tiles of your choice.


FileExplorer, displays server directories, similar to Windows Explorer. Entirely built upon Wijmo widgets, the FileExplorer widget completely mimics the Windows Explorer functionality. Give your application the same look & feel as on the desktop. Easily add it to your page to provide features such as creating, renaming, deleting, and copying folders with full keyboard support.

Localization in Editor and Ribbon

The Wijmo Editor and Ribbon widgets now support full customization for localizing as needed. Similar to our Events Calendar widget, we provide options to make it easy to localize all aspects of the Ribbon widget, which is also used in the Editor widget.

What's New in SpreadJS

  • TypeScript Definitions
  • Touch Enhancements
  • Two-way Table Binding
  • 8 New Sparklines
  • 26 New Forumla Functions
  • more...

Get Started with Wijmo Enterprise

To get started with Wijmo Enterprise, you should download the evaluation. The eval includes everything you need to get started, including samples, js/css files, and even Visual Studio Project Templates.

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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