Wijmo 2015 v2 has Landed

What's New in Wijmo Enterprise

Wijmo Enterprise now includes our first industry-specialized product, FinancialChart. Among that includes FlexSheet-a lightweight spreadsheet control, additions to Wijmo 5, Wijmo 3 and more.


The Wijmo FinancialChart control is designed to be used with financial data, such as in a stock market application. The FinancialChart inherits from FlexChart and adds financial-specific chart types and features. The Wijmo FinancialChart is the only to offer such a wide range of financial chart types. FinancialChart supports multiple plot areas, crosshairs, annotations, intelligent axis, and has built-in analytics. Create stunning stock market visualizations with the Wijmo FinancialChart.

FinancialChart Features

  • Finance-specific Chart Types (Heiken-Ashi, Renko, Kagi, Line Break, Volume, etc)
  • Multiple Plot Areads
  • Smart Axis
  • Annotations
  • Built-in Analytics (Trendlines, Moving Averages, Fibonacci Tool, etc)
  • Crosshairs
  • Zoom Chart

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FlexSheet is a fast and lightweight spreadsheet control. FlexSheet offers the most important spreadsheet features from Excel such as a formula/calculation engine, cell formatting, freezing, filtering, undo/redo and more. FlexSheet also supports importing and exporting Microsoft Excel files. Add Excel-like spreadsheets to your applications and give your users a powerful and familiar tool for analyzing data. _Note: In this release, FlexSheet is being shipped as a sample (ExcelBook) that includes TypeScript source code for the FlexSheet control. In the near future it will be shipped as an official control in Wijmo Enterprise. _

FlexSheet Features

  • Fast, Small and Flexible
  • Formula Support
  • Import/Export Excel files
  • Familiar Experience (users know Excel)
  • Data-binding (support bound or unbound modes)

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What's New in Wijmo 5

FlexGrid DetailRow

The new DetailRow extension for FlexGrid adds a templated, expandable row to FlexGrid. DetailRow can be used to add expandable content to any row in FlexGrid. For example, you can add a nested grid in a DetailRow to create a hierarchical grid. DetailRow is templated, so you can put anything inside it. DetailRow comes with built-in expand/collapse buttons, but they can also be customized. Add more interaction to your FlexGrid application with our new DetailRow extension.

FlexChart Analytics

The new FlexChart Analytics extension provides powerful analytical features to FlexChart. FlexChart Analytics includes Trendlines, Moving Averages, and Y Function and Parametric Function series for analyzing chart data. Analytics can be used to understand trends and make forecasts in your data. Add powerful analytical trendlines to your charts using the new FlexChart Analytics extension.

FlexChart Annotations

The new FlexChart Annotation extension provides custom annotations for FlexChart. Annotations can be added to any part of the FlexChart. Annotations can be used to add flags, callouts, bubbles, highlights, shapes, symbols and more to the FlexChart surface. Annotations are useful for marking important parts in a chart or adding extra information related to data. We also have an EditableAnnotation extension that allows end users to add their own annotations to a FlexChart. For example, an analyst could add a custom annotation and label for a trend they recognize in a series. Bring your charts to life with the new FlexChart Annotation extension.

FlexChart PlotArea

Plot Areas essentially add multiple areas to render data within a single chart control and can be useful in a variety of scenarios.

Add small overlays of content to your application using our new Popup control. Popup can be used as a small popover control or as a modal dialog.


MultiSelect is a dropdown control that supports multiple selection. Make multiple selection easy in your application with the Wijmo MultiSelect control.

Get Started with Wijmo Enterprise

To get started with Wijmo Enterprise, download the evaluation. The evaluation includes everything you need to get started, including samples, js files, css files, and even Visual Studio project templates.

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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