Wijmo 2016 v2 Has Landed!

Angular 2 Support

Wijmo has full support for Angular 2. We have been keeping pace with the Angular 2 team to offer support for their latest release candidates. Learn more about Angular 2 support or about FlexGrid, the best data grid for Angular 2.

Angular 2 Samples

Not only is Wijmo committed to Angular 2 support, but we have interop libraries for many JavaScript frameworks. Take a look at our initial support for some other frameworks. ReactJS Support React is a unique and popular library for building User Interfaces in JavaScript. We have a basic interop module for using Wijmo in ReactJS applications. Read our tutorial: how to use Wijmo controls in ReactJS applications. VueJS Support Vue is a JavaScript application framework similar to Angular and React, but simpler and lighter. We have a basic interop module for using Wijmo in VueJS applications as well. Read our tutorial: how to create VueJS applications using Wijmo controls.


This release includes MultiRow, a special control requested by many customers in Japan. MultiRow is an extension of FlexGrid with the ability to have custom layouts of cells within each row. It can display a grid in flexible layout like reports by creating multiple rows and merging cells in single record. Doing so allows many cells to be displayed without scrolling the grid. MultiRow can also group fields in a hierarchical structure. It also supports complex header layouts so that the header can match the data row layout. Since MultiRow inherits from FlexGrid, it also shares many of the features from FlexGrid, like sorting, filtering, etc. MultiRow is available only in Wijmo Enterprise. Wrap columns to prevent scrolling with MultiRow MultiRow

FlexReport ReportViewer

Last month, we released a SimpleReports sample. It showed how to create simple reports using Angular and some simple CSS and html. Of course, simple reports have many limitations and most people need a more robust reporting solution. Now, we are introducing ReportViewer, which includes a client-side ReportViewer control that uses FlexReport on the server to render reports. ReportViewer is currently a sample that includes a beta version of our potential ReportViewer control. Please try it out and send feedback before it becomes an official control in the future. ReportViewer ReportViewer

New Chart Types

We are continuously adding new chart types to Wijmo. Our goal is to eventually include all of the chart types from Microsoft Excel. Sunburst We have added Sunburst as a new control in a new wijmo.chart.hierarchichal module. Sunburst is meant for hierarchical data and using FlexChart to create it would be awkward. Sunburst is ideal for displaying relational data in a hierarchical fashion. Sunburst Sunbust Waterfall We added Waterfall as part of our wijmo.chart.analytics module. Waterfall charts are meant to add analytical information to data trends in a series, so it fits well in our analytics extension. Waterfall charts show a running total as values are added or subtracted to a series. Waterfall Waterfall

JavaScript IntelliSense in Visual Studio

This release includes newly added IntelliSense support for Wijmo when used in Visual Studio. IntelliSense is very helpful in offering autocomplete for control members as well as documentation information for each member. Intellisense IntelliSense

Change Log

  • Added wijmo.chart.hierarchical.Sunburst control. The control displays hierarchical data as multi-level pie charts. Sunburst Sample
  • Added wijmo.chart.analytics.Waterfall class. The Waterfall series represents data values with cumulative effects(Waterfall chart). Waterfall Sample
  • Added ReportViewer sample, which includes a client-side ReportViewer control that uses FlexReport on the server to render reports. ReportViewer Sample
  • wijmo.pdf - added support for drawing SVG images (the PdfPageArea.drawSvg method).
  • Added customized filter for FlexSheet, make the filtering behave exactly like in Excel.
  • Updated the cell ranges processing in formula that Insert/delete row/column will update affected cell ranges in formulas.
  • Added a CollectionView.sortComparer property to support using custom value comparers such as Dave Koele's "natural sorting": http://www.davekoelle.com/alphanum.html
  • Added JavaScript Intellisense support, see the Intellisense folder in Wijmo zip.
  • Angular 2 - adapted to Angular 2 RC.3 Angular2 Info
  • Angular 2: the 'initialized' event and 'isInitialized' boolean property are added to all components. The event triggers when the bindings on the component and all its child components have been initialized, and the property changes its value from false to true at this moment. Note that 'isInitialized' is a dynamic property, in a sense is that it's not exposed as a TypeScript property out of the component interface, so it should be read using the component['isInitialized'] syntax.

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Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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