Wijmo Build 5.20153.109 Available

We have just released Build 109 and it includes some nice new features, some new samples and of course bug fixes.

Change Log

  • Improved Globalize to support formatting of fiscal years and quarters with the following format specifiers:

    • 'EEEE': government fiscal year
    • 'eeee': corporations fiscal year
    • 'U': government fiscal quarter
    • 'u': corporations fiscal quarter
The conversion from calendar to fiscal date is culture-dependent. If you are not using the appropriate culture file (and don't want to), then you can specify the conversion factor by setting the wijmo.culture.Globalize.calendar.fiscalYearOffset variable to an array containing two integers that represent the offset (in months) of the start of the fiscal year for government and for the private sector.  
For example, the Japanese culture uses a three month offset for the government's fiscal year and no offset for the private sector: wijmo.culture.Globalize.calendar.fiscalYearOffsets = [3, 0];
  • Added support for Japanese characters (IME, Katakana, Hiragana) in InputMask control.
  • Added automatic label rotation for category x-axis. The labels are rotated to avoid overlapping if axis.labelAngle is not specified.
  • Improved CollectionView.trackChanges to allow tracking of changes made to items that are not the current edit item. The most common scenario is pasting blocks of data into a FlexGrid.
  • Improved FlexGrid.childItemsPath property to accept arrays of strings in case items at different levels use different property names for their child items.
  • Changed the default value of the InputTime.step property to 15 (which seems to be the most common/useful setting). This causes the control to display the drop-down button by default; to remove the button, set the step property to null.
  • Added support for opening FlexGrid.dataMap dropdowns using the keyboard (F4, alt+up/down, like WinForms and WPF/Excel) (TFS 124408)
  • Improved the Control.dispose method to remove all Wijmo event listeners from the control being disposed (dispose also removes all HTML event listeners added with the Control.addEventListener method).
  • Added a DropDown.autoExpandSelection property that determines whether input controls should automatically select whole words/numbers when clicked. This applies to all controls that derive from DropDown, and makes it easier to edit dates, times, colors, etc.
  • Added a ComboBox.headerPath property that allows decoupling the values shown in the combo's input element from the values shown in the drop-down list.
  • Added five new glyphs to wijmo.css:
    • wj-glyph-step-forward
    • wj-glyph-step-backward
    • wj-glyph-file
    • wj-glyph-calendar
    • wj-glyph-clock
  • The FlexGridXlsxConverter class adds support for row headers export. The behavior is controlled by the IFlexGridXlsxExportOptions.includeRowHeaders property.
  • Improved InputMask handling of delete key with masks that contain numbers in the template (e.g. "99-55-9999", TFS 136087).
  • Added FlexGrid.selectedRows and selectedItems properties. Both can be used to get a list with the currently selected rows or their associated data items. When the selectionMode property is set to ListBox, they can also be used to set the selected rows or data items.
  • Refactored wijmo.grid.filter.FlexGrid filter by removing the OData-specific getODataFilterDefinition method and replacing it with a call to the collection view's updateFilterDefinition method; which if present updates the filter definition used on the server-side. This refactoring allows other CollectionView implementations (such as BreezeCollectionView) to support server-side filtering.
  • Improved BreezeCollectionView sample to show server-side filtering (TFS 129832).
  • Added a FlexGrid.showAlternatingRows property to allow disabling alternate row styling without changing any CSS rules.
  • Added a FlexGrid.updatedView that fires when the grid finishes creating/updating the cell elements for the current view (e.g. after binding, refreshing, resizing, scrolling, etc.)
  • Used IntelliSpell to spell-check all the documentation.

Breaking Changes

In wijmo.grid.xlsx module, the IFlexGridXlsxExportOptions interface:

  • 'needGetCellStyle' property has been renamed to 'includeCellStyles'.
  • 'includeColumnHeader' property has been renamed to 'includeColumnHeaders' (ending 's'). The old property names have been deprecated and will be removed in future builds.

New Samples

Get Started

Download Wijmo build 5.20153.109

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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