Wijmo Build 5.20163.259 Available

Build 259 has released, and it has some nice new samples as well as some updates for our new wijmo.viewer module.

Change Log

  • Angular 2: Added support for Angular 2.4.1 Angular 2 Info
  • ReactJS: Added support for ReactJS ReactJS Info
  • VueJS: Added support for Vue 2 VueJS 2 Interop sample | How to Create Great VueJS applications Using Wijmo Controls blog
  • ReportViewer and PdfViewer updated to support new FlexReport server.
  • Added ServerCollectionView sample to demonstrate using remote datasources with FlexGrid. ServerCollectionView sample
  • Added FilterPanel sample that shows currently active filters and allows users to remove filters by clicking.
  • Added Angular 1/2 PdfViewerIntro samples.PdfViewerIntro sample
  • Added Angular 2 version of the HeaderFilters sample. HeaderFilters sample
  • The following modules can now work with JSZip 3: wijmo.xlsx, wijmo.grid.xlsx and wijmo.grid.sheet. In addition to existing sybchrinous load/save methods that work only with JSZip 2, the asynchronous loadAsync/saveAsync methods were added, which require JSZip 3. The ExcelImportExport sample is updated to demonstrate the feature.

New Samples

Breaking Changes

Get Started

Download Wijmo build 5.20163.259

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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