In an effort to improve our quality and the health of our codebase we have created a CI process for wijmo. We now have automated nightly builds that will drop each weekday around midnight.

Warning: Use at your own risk!

Wijmo nightly builds are not officially supported versions of Wijmo. You may download and test nightly versions of wijmo. We often have people that submit issues or requests and are eager to try them in their development environment. It is OK to do so, but be aware that we will not officially support any of the drops from our nightly build process. They are for testing purposes only. Download nightly builds here.

Our Process

  1. Each night our build server will take the latest code from our stable branch.
  2. The build process will then run all of our QUnit tests by executing PhantomJS.
  3. If all tests pass then the drop is created and put online.
  4. If any tests fail a notification is sent to our team and the build is stopped.