Wijmo Supports Angular Version 5

First, congrats to the Angular team on releasing version 5.0.0. We're glad to see the Angular project continue to grow.

We're also proud to announce that Wijmo supports Angular v5 in our current released build (5.20172.359). Upgrading Wijmo’s Angular support has been very smooth thanks to the stability of Angular.

Our Angular support is very extensive; all of our controls and features are supported in Angular. Wijmo’s Angular support allows you to declare your entire control in markup, we support Angular bindings, and we even have cell templates for FlexGrid that allow you to write custom cells in markup. We're so confident in our Angular support that we believe that we have the best datagrid for Angular applications.

We also provide Wijmo in many module formats, so you can use our controls with the loader/packager of your choice.

Just as we were the first to fully support Angular version 2, we'll continue supporting new versions of Angular as they release. We're proud to be shipping in parallel with the Angular team and are glad to be part of the Angular community.

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Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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