Wijmo Wednesday: Sneak peek at the v2 Event Calendar

In this week’s Wijmo Wednesday, I’d like to introduce you to the new Event Calendar. image If you’re an iPad user, you might notice some similarities. In fact, the Wijmo team specifically designed this widget to work like calendar application on the iPad. The screenshot above shows the default view. All of this is customizable depending on the needs of your application. Here are previews of the others views available: image image image Some cool things to note about the event calendar. Here is a preview of experience of adding an event to the calendar: image And here is what the final event looks like when it’s added. image What does it look like to pull events from the calendar through JavaScript? This example pulls the complete event (appointment) list, and shows an alert for them. image Of course this is only one way to get the event data. You can also subscribe to event save events that will give you the same information on a per event status. Last thing to note about the Event Calendar is that utilizes HTML5 local storage to store all the appointment information on your local machine. This means that during development of the above example, I didn’t have to keep re-entering the data. If I go into Chrome developer tools, you can see the appointment data in the explorer. image There you go! A sneak peek at the Wijmo v2 Event Calendar. I encourage you to go download the v2 BETA and try it out for yourself. Kevin Griffin keving@componentone.com Follow me on Twitter


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