Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 - Is Your XAML Ready?

For the past several months we’ve been busy talking about Windows 8 and testing our controls in Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5. Without Visual Studio and without Microsoft there is no ComponentOne, so it’s as important to us as it is to our customers, to have a product that supports the new while still supporting the old. XAML lives on as you can continue your WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone development with VS2012. Windows 8 also introduces a new breed of XAML, known as WinRT, for C# and VB developers to write Modern-UI apps for the Windows Store. For information on our web controls and everything else Wijmo, see Chris Bannon's post here. The official launch of VS2012 is just around the corner so what can you expect from your favorite ComponentOne XAML Studios?


Silverlight development is now even easier on VS2012. The latest Silverlight SDK is included so you no longer have to do multiple installs/uninstalls to get up and running with Silverlight. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight ships 2 versions of each assembly; one for Silverlight 4 and one for Silverlight 5, and we are still supporting both versions in VS2012. Enjoy the C1Cosmopolitan theme to deliver Modern UI-style themes across your Silverlight apps!


Studio for WPF supplies two versions of each control based on .NET 3.5 and 4.0. When .NET 4.0 came out we had to make a separate, new build to remove the dependency on the WPFToolkit v3. Fortunately, there are no breaking changes like this with .NET 4.5 so you can continue to use the WPF 4.0 library in .NET 4.5. Oh, and Spread WPF-Silverlight is ready to rock and roll in VS2012 and Win8!


If you haven’t downloaded them already you can access a preview of our new WinRT XAML controls. And you’ve guessed it; they’re based on the same code base as our Silverlight and WPF controls. These controls work inside Modern UI-style apps that are built on WinRT (Windows Runtime). Windows 8 opens up a whole new market for developers who want to create applications for commercial and mobile users. The Windows Store is now open to all developers in 120 markets and they need your apps! Start building your Modern UI app today using Studio for WinRT XAML (renamed from Metro XAML).

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