Windows Forms Development Can Be Modern and We Support it with Studio for WinForms

It is our job as a developer tools company to develop tools on the latest platforms to help you stay on the leading edge. That may make you think we would ignore .NET WinForms, but that is far from the truth. Our mission is to support Windows and Web developers with the latest technology, on the platforms they need to use. Many developers are still developing Windows Forms applications because it is too costly to migrate to something more modern (like WPF) or WinForms simply meets their needs. Rather than ignore this very significant faction of the development community, we strive to continually improve out Studio for WinForms control collection. In fact, that is why it is one of the leading toolsets. Our upcoming release (2014 v2 - due on July 9th) introduces support for Microsoft Entity Framework 6 in our C1DataSource control. This is the most recent Entity Framework release and it really simplifies data-based development. See the video below to learn more. Entity Framework 6 is not compatible with most other WinForms control sets, by the way.

While 2014 v2 is the inspiration for this article, I’d like to point out some of the other controls that help you keep WinForms fresh.

Touch Toolkit

Touch Toolkit allows you to add touch support to your entire application. That includes controls made by ComponentOne and those not made by us. Studio for WinForms is the only place you will find this. Learn More



TileControl replicates the Windows8 UI and includes automatic and manual layouts, drag-and-drop organization, touch support, and keyboard navigation. Learn More


radialmenu Radial Menus are the newest alternative to standard menus and toolbars and make a great context menu. Learn More Those are just some of my favorite highlights. If you are still maintaining Windows Forms applications and haven’t seen Studio for WinForms lately, take a look. Free trials are always available.


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