WinForms 2013 V2 - SplitButton

Ever since Microsoft came out with Ribbon UI, we have been designing desktop apps based on similar cues. How much does a button with a dropdown option bundled into it change our "options"? Spare the pun, but we do need it over and over so as to save precious real estate on our forms. Functions that we can club together, and it all doesn't happen till we get what we didn't know we wanted :) Here are a few instances where we have been craving a button with some added functionality,

  • Give your end user the option to do more on the same button click, for e.g. Save and Save as.
  • In document oriented applications we can use it for sending Print commands, with options to send the job to default printer or to a specific one.
  • Can also be used as quick and lightweight menu items, for example, we can use it for bringing up different Formatting dialogs, e.g. Fonts, Styles, Paragraph etc.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.19.28 AMScreen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.23.03 AM Till now C1 had the split-button included in the C1InputPanel and C1Ribbon controls, now we have provided it as a standalone form control bundled in C1Input. No need to go through a round about way for implementing a simple functionality. Infact do it in style with C1SplitButton not just being a bland control, but implements our very well know VisualStyles. To get more information, on the features of C1Input, navigate to here. Find samples and more information, here.


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