WinForms 2013 V2 - TileControl

Windows 8 is getting its due, and now with MS announcing Windows Blue initiative, Desktop applications are here to stay. It’s the industry's dark horse. But who said it has to be the same old Ugly duckling? Which brings me to the suave new look world of ModernUI. How much are we actually adapting the Windows ModernUI for our desktop applications? And to what extent can we? Pondering over these very questions helped us come up with a comprehensive answer, we know how to make your applications go Modern. In the last release we brought to you the C1TileControl, which you could use for both navigation and as a way to display information. It is to enhance these two usage scenarios that we have now added DataBinding and Animations to the C1TileControl. Have your data with you which you want to highlight, show it in style on Tiles. databound

Animate your information with a mixture of data and images with the help of "Slides".

animatedTiles Let your desktop application stand out, and be counted. Not only develop with a new outlook, but also develop for a new tomorrow. Windows is changing, and we at C1 think, so should your application for the better, with our controls. Here is a preview of a desktop application of tomorrow,


Warning !!! Sheer awesomeness is dangerous for you eyes, watch at your own risk. watchlist

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