WinRT XAML (Part 16) Blogs Series Resources

It has been a pleasure doing this 16 part blog series and I hope you found it useful. Guess what? There will be 4 more parts after next week when we release four more new WinRT XAML controls! We keep coming out with new controls at ComponentOne for more platforms, it never ends! If you are looking for a control vendor that has a commitment to excellence and innovation, we are it!

Coming soon! New controls! Details to be available soon. • Menu - Allows you to add the classic "File" menu system to your Windows Store applications. • PDF – This class library enables you to create dynamic reports or directly output your UI to PDF documents from your apps. • TabControl - Need to organize your content? The new TabControl allows you to utilize available space by organizing content as tabs. • RichTextBox - gives you rich, HTML text editing at your fingertips. Use this control to display Web content or as a rich text editor.

Blog links, sample code and resources:

WinRT XAML (Part 1) Introduction

WinRT XAML (Part 2) Tile Control

WinRT XAML (Part 3) Collection View Class

WinRT XAML (Part 4) Calendar

WinRT XAML (Part 5) Chart

WinRT XAML (Part 6) TileView

WinRT XAML (Part 7) PDF Viewer

WinRT XAML (Part 8 ) DateTime Editors

WinRT XAML (Part 9) Input

WinRT XAML (Part 10) Layout Panels

WinRT XAML (Part 11) FlexGrid

WinRT XAML (Part 12) Gauges

WinRT XAML (Part 13) ListBox

WinRT XAML (Part 14) Zip

WinRT XAML (Part 15) TreeView

Greg’s Blog:

Greg Lutz Blog – PM for WinRT XAML

Greg’s recent posts:

Using the Windows 8 Search Charm with C1CollectionView and C1FlexGrid

Printing with PdfViewer for WinRT

WinRT: Static Local Storage Settings

Extending GridView with Drag and Drop for Grouping and Variable Sized Items

Other ComponentOne resources:

WinRT XAML Forum

Documentation Studio for WinRT XAML

Download Studio for WinRT Trial (no time bomb)

Code Samples - Studio for WinRT XAML

Microsoft Windows 8 App Store Developer Links:

Dev Center Windows Store Apps

Developer downloads for Windows Store

Windows 8 app Samples


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