WP7 App Showcase: C1Buzz

C1Buzz is a Windows Phone 7 app I wrote myself using some ComponentOne controls. It is basically an RSS reader that is specially tailored to show all ComponentOne social media. The key feature of the app is that it parses Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress RSS feeds using System.Xml.Linq classes. The Facebook feeds are then displayed using the C1RichTextBox control. The ComponentOne RichTextBox for Windows Phone can display HTML. The benefit of using C1RichTextBox is that Facebook is the least template-able of the various feeds, meaning each entry may have any number of images, hyperlinks, paragraphs of text and so on. It’s not so easy to make a single item template. Twitter entries can contain multiple hyperlinks, so it could benefit from C1RichTextBox as well; however I just used it for Facebook in this app. Back in June I published a separate post all about displaying RSS/Atom feeds using C1RichTextBox. The C1Buzz app also allows users to filter their interests so you can choose whether or not Doc-To-Help, Wijmo, Active Reports, WPF, etc topics interest you. The app is designed entirely for fans of ComponentOne, and if you’re reading this sentence you are probably a fan! You can download the app from the marketplace onto your phone or download the sample source code from our web site. Enjoy! [gallery link="file"]

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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