ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin Hotfix 3.0.20181.282

2018 v1.2 Change Log

A hotfix for ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin is now available via the GrapeCity NuGet server and as build 3.0.20181.282. This build provides support for Xamarin.Forms 3.0, a new CollectionView library that adds integration with Entity Framework Core, and several bug fixes. Xamarin.Forms 3.0 also uses .NET Standard 2.0 and is a larger change than previous updates that now requires the Fall Creators update and Visual Studio 2017 for UWP. Also, this is the intitial release of our C1.CollectionView.EntityFramework library which works with EntityFramework Core and has some caveats (see patch notes below).



  • Added support to controls, samples, and templates for Xamarin.Forms 3.0. Xamarin.Forms 3.0 adds a larger number of changes including Visual State Manager, Flex Layout, Style Sheets, and Right-to-Left support. You can read more on the Xamarin release blog or view their patch notes here.
  • [XF][X.iOS] Updated samples to look better on iPhone X devices.

Bug fixes

  • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] Fixed an issue with the GrapeCity License Manager Add in for Visual Studio where Trial keys were not being recognized correctly.



  • [XF][X.iOS][X.Android] C1.CollectionView.EntityFramework library added to make it easier to use any ComponentOne Xamarin control with Entity Framework Core and SQlite. There are some known limitations with Entity Framework and Xamarin right now (especially on Xamarin.iOS since it uses AOT compilation), so if you encounter an issue you may want to refer to the Microsoft Entity Framework Core platform page. For instance, linking is currently not supported on iOS when using Entity Framework Core on physical devices.

  • [XF] Updated the SQLite sample to demonstrate how the C1.CollectionView.EntityFramework library can be used to interact with a SQLite database for local data persistence.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF][X.iOS] Fixed an issue where scrolling was disabled when DisplayedRange or Scale property of an Axis was set.
  • [XF] Setting opacity of PlotElement in SymbolRendering event should now have an effect.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed an issue where the CheckBox control would render incorrectly with layout options other than FillAndExpand.
  • [XF] Fixed a display issue that could occur with the ComboBox control when changing the orientation multiple times on iOS.

Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [X.Android] = Xamarin.Android, [X.iOS] = Xamarin.iOS, [X.Mac] = Xamarin.Mac

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Kelley Ricker

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