XArrayDB Licensing

Many customers have reported this issue wherein they face problems with the Licensing of XArrayDB object. With this blog we will be addressing these issues.

XArrayDB Licensing in general

ActiveX licensing (especially XArrayDB) works much better if you actually run the setup for the Studio for ActiveX and enter the licensing details. There are no seperate keys created for XArrayDB. The XArrayDB licensing is tied to the TrueDBGrid8.0 licensing. So, if the TrueDBGrid8.0 application runs without showing any Nag Screens then the XArrayDB should also work without any Nag Screen issues. Following steps could be worked out in case the Nag Screen is shown : 1) Create a fresh project. 2) Drag & Drop a TrueDBGrid on the form. If Nag Screen is displayed, then the control is not licensed on the machine. To get it licensed : - Close all the Visual Studio instances. - Navigate to the C1LicenseActivation utility on the machine : C:\Program Files\Common Files\ComponentOne Shared\C1LicenseActivation.exe -Enter the licensing details & hit "OK". The controls get licensed on the machine. Get it confirmed by running the newly created project. Now, add an instance of the XArrayDB object in the application -> Compile and -> Run the application. The Nag Screen should not be displayed. If, however the Nag Screen gets displayed for the XArrayDB component, then use its Unlicensed build......

Using the Unlicensed version of the XArrayDB Component

Perform the below mentioned steps : 1) Un-register and delete the current XArrayDB object from your machine. - Run command Prompt with Admin rights - Type the following command to unregister the component from your machine regsvr32 -u xadb8.ocx 2) Download the Unlicensed version of the XArrayDB -> Extract and Copy the same to System32 and then register it. - Run command Prompt with Admin rights - Type the following command to register the component on your machine regsvr32 xadb8.ocx 3) Now you may remove the old reference and add the new one into your project. 4) Rebuild the project. No nag screens would be observed.

Using XArrayDB Component in .NET Environment

When XArrayDB control (TdbGrid 8.0) is used in .Net environment, a nag screen is shown for the control. This is because the XArrayDB control is not a UI element and there is no way to license the control. A workaround of this problem is to create a user control inherited from XArrayDB in VB6 and embedd the license in it and use this control in .Net application. If the above steps fail to resolve your Nag Screen problems with the XArrayDB Component, then you can even post your issues here and our Technical Support Team will assist you further. Unlicensed Version of XArrayDB


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