Xuni 2015 v2 Release Preview

With the 2015 v2 release of Xuni just a couple weeks away I wanted to give a sneak peek at some of the new features and controls that you can expect to see. It’s a huge milestone release for Xuni because the product expands fivefold. This release includes support for 4 new platforms, 2 new controls and many valuable and time-saving features added to our existing chart controls. Plus, we will be launching a stand alone web site on this date at www.goxuni.com.

New Platforms and Samples

In the first release of Xuni we supported Xamarin.Forms. In this release we will give you all controls and samples in four new platforms:

  • Control libraries for Android 4.0+ and Java samples for Android Studio and Eclipse
  • Control libraries for iOS 7.1+ and Xcode samples in both Objective C and Swift
  • Control libraries for Xamarin.Android and C# samples
  • Control libraries for Xamarin.iOS and C# samples

That’s a lot of new and exciting ways to use Xuni. If you’re a native mobile app developer working in iOS, Android or Xamarin you will have more options on incorporating Xuni into your apps. preview-ios-dev

New FlexGrid Control for All Platforms

The new Xuni FlexGrid control brings a spreadsheet-like experience to your mobile apps, with intuitive touch gestures and quick cell editing capabilities. FlexGrid is a datagrid control that allows you to display tabular data across columns and down rows. What makes it more useful than a ListView is that it offers specialized cell selection and editing capabilities, in addition to built-in sorting, grouping and filtering thanks to our CollectionView class. FlexGrid and CollectionView will be supported on iOS, Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms. preview-flexgrid

FlexChart Enhancements: Multiple Axes, Data Labels, and More

FlexChart was included in the first release. Several major feature enhancements will be added in 2015 v2 including support for multiple axes, spline chart types, data labels, custom plot elements, update animation and image export.

Multiple Axes – display any number of auxiliary Y axes to make composite charts more impactful.

Spline Chart Types – three new spline chart types to choose from: spline, spline with symbols and spline Area. Spline charts are basically smoothed line charts. Data Labels – create and customize your own static data labels to display on each plot element. You can customize the content as well as the position by just setting a few properties. This feature is also supported in FlexPie.

Custom Plot Elements – customize the plot elements in more ways than one. You can apply conditional formatting by styling specific plot elements to show a trend. Or you can completely customize the appearance of the plot elements to show your own design.

Update Animation – animate the plot elements when the data changes to show trends. Image Export – you can easily obtain the image of the FlexChart control and further save it, share it or do whatever is imaginable with an image. This feature is actually enabled in every Xuni control including FlexGrid and the gauges. preview-flexchart

Attend our Webcasts for Xuni iOS and Android

That’s just a glimpse of what’s to come. Full code samples and blogs will be available at the time of release on August 19th. After the v2 release we will be hosting two webcasts introducing Xuni iOS and Xuni Android. These webcasts will give a full overview of Xuni for the pure native platforms and walk you through getting started with the controls using Xcode and Objective-C or Eclipse and Java. We'll demonstrate populating the controls with data, configuring common features in the controls, and licensing your app for final deployment. These webcasts are ideal for someone with some experience in native development and looking to see how they can quickly get up and running with Xuni. You can register for either one at the links below. REGISTER FOR XUNI IOS 8/27 >> REGISTER FOR XUNI ANDROID 9/10 >>

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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