Xuni 2016 v3.5 update available

Available today, you can update Xuni packages to version 2.3.20163.160 through NuGet to obtain the 2016 v3.5 update. This update provides a number of bugfixes for all of the controls.

Xuni 2016 v3.5 Change Log


Bug Fixes

  • [XF][iOS] Calendar’s view appearance is now the same between iOS and Android.
  • [XF] Background color of a stack layout in a DaySlotTemplate is now honored on iOS.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Border color series is now correct color rather than black.
  • [XF][Android] Line Markers now appear correctly when animations are turned off.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF][iOS] Tooltips no longer appear at center of chart when double clicked and ShowTooltips is set to false.
  • [XF][Android] FlexPie now correctly displays when a single item is bound to ItemsSource and InnerRadius property is set.
  • [XF][Android] SelectionChanged Event now fires when clicking outside of the charted area, but within the bounds of the control.
  • [XF][iOS] Fixed a crash that could occur when a device is set to use a Cyrillic Language.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Setting FontAttributes property of a Label now correctly applies to only one cell.
  • [XF][Android] Fixed an issue where the FlexGrid would not update correctly once resized.
  • [Android] The FlexGridCanvasRenderEngine setFillColor method now correctly changes the background color of a cell.
  • [XF] Setting e.cancel = true in BeginningEdit event now correctly cancels it.
  • [XF] Derived class from GridCellFactory can create a password editor in iOS when IsPassword property is set on Xamarin.Forms.Entry.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed an NSInvalid argument that could occur when loading Gauges.


Bug Fixes

  • [XF][iOS][Android] IsDropDownChanging and IsDropDownOpenChanged now fire correctly.
  • [XF][iOS] ComboBox position no longer resets while scrolling.
  • [XF][iOS] Setting XuniDropDown’s ShowButton to False no longer reserves space for the button on screen. Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [Android] = native Android, [iOS] = native iOS


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