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Problem Solving Enterprises Delivers ASP.NET Applications Calculating Various Historical Data for Variable Annuity Funds Using ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Controls

Problem Solving Enterprises Delivers ASP.NET Applications Calculating Various Historical Data for Variable Annuity Funds Using ComponentOne® Studio Enterprise Controls Problem Solving Enterprises needed to design a Web application for an insurance company client that would educate consumers about variable annuity retirement options and to help them decide upon an investment allocation plan. So they developed a financial and retirement planning Web application utilizing ComponentOne® Studio Enterprise controls. Studio Enterprise allowed them to quickly develop the site at a low cost.

The primary objective of this application was to provide unique and useful sales tools and services to their client’s sales force. This application was built using the .NET Framework and Studio Enterprise (WebMenus and WebBars™ for ASP.NET, WebChart™ for ASP.NET, WebGrid™ for ASP.NET, Preview™ for .NET). It utilized the Windows Forms and Web Forms feature for the user interface. The application calculates various historical performance numbers for variable annuity funds and provides a comparison with charts/graphs.

The solution works when the user navigates to the Web site, makes a selection of assumptions and options, and generates the report. The application provides a variety of useful sales and educational tools, plus it enables their client to provide better service and support to the sales force and their customers. Since this is possible, it increases the likelihood of retaining and recruiting new agents, and thereby increasing new business. A primary example is the “Best To Worst chart”, which provides a more interactive illustration of common industry information, generally printed as a hard copy sales piece. Additionally, the PDF Report Builder provides a way to build a flexible, formatted PDF report suitable for emailing or printing. This Report Builder can be expanded as more tools are developed.

The ASP.NET pages read the underlying data using stored procedures in a Microsoft Access database. Calculations, business rules, and report building are applied in a Visual Basic .NET DLL, and ASP.NET applies the interface and HTML output. The calculation tool and report design was created with input and discussions from the client. The style, look, and layout of the site, was cloned from the existing Web site look and feel.

“The biggest challenge we faced was to quickly navigate the learning curve in migrating from a Visual Basic 6 and ASP developer to .NET. Key practices included careful planning and research of the best use of tools, development of small pieces of re-useable code, and use of 3rd party tools like ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Controls. Win Forms and Web Forms controls, such as the ones included in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise can be rapidly built and are very easy to maintain,” said Chuck Ritzke, owner, Actuarial Consultant, and System Designer.

The primary benefits of this variable annuity application are the low cost of ownership, ease of integration, and increased productivity. Plus, it’s also a great solution that provides great service and support to its users.

About Problem Solving Enterprises

Problem Solving Enterprises, Inc. (PSE) is an actuarial consulting and systems design firm founded by Chuck Ritzke. Chuck and a network of associates provide actuarial consulting services and software to insurance organizations. PSE also provides business incubation services (e.g., business financial modeling, business plans, pricing, and marketing/software support) to a number of expanding and startup businesses both within and outside of the insurance space. Chuck started PSE in 1995 after stints in the home office of two major life insurance companies. PSE’s home Web site is at http://www.myactuary.com. Chuck is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.