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Self-Service Reporting for Energy Utility Customers


Founded in 1993, and headquartered in Atlanta, Apogee is a leading provider of internet-based software to the utility industry. Our clients include investor-owned, cooperative and municipal energy utilities across the country and their key trade associations. Our team is comprised of seasoned energy professionals, multidisciplinary engineers, innovative web programmers and electronic communications specialists.

Business Challenges

We were concerned about high prices and complicated licensing. The licensing model was a big concern when we first started researching self-service reporting solutions. We didn’t want to get tied to a particular licensing model. We especially didn’t want to commit to per-user fees, because of how they could drive our pricing models and constrain how our business evolves.


ActiveReports Server turned out to be just right for us. We realized that with ActiveReports Server, we could pay just for the server licenses we need today without having to worry about ancillary fees, and then add licenses as we need them. As a result, we can provide reporting features and related services to our customers now, and still allow our own evolving business situation to drive our pricing model. In addition, we found that ActiveReports Server was easy to deploy, and easy to configure with all of the security settings we needed.


One thing stood out: the very intuitive web-based ad hoc report designer. Compared to other report designers I have used in the past, ActiveReports Server’s web-based report designer is very intuitive. It understands the underlying database schema and data relationships and allows business users to do ad hoc reporting without knowing the underlying details.

Among other features, report scheduling was easy to set up and yet was sufficiently flexible for our needs. The security provider module allowed us to easily integrate with our in-house solutions.

Would you recommend ActiveReports Server?

Yes, because it has the best of both worlds: web-based ad hoc reporting plus a scalable server. It marries this great web-based ad hoc report designer to a heavy-lifting, complete, scalable server solution. Moreover, the administration features are very easy to use. We liked the excellent technical support as well.

You actually respond to customer ideas and input! I like how you allow your customers to submit feedback and ideas on your support portal and I can tell that you actually respond to those comments and make changes to the product based on them. I really appreciate the responsiveness of the product team.

-Colin Kraebel, Senior Software Engineer