• Deliver a universal experience across mobile platforms

    Our controls are designed to have the same features and functionality in iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. We aren't dependent on SkiaSharp or other cross platform libraries which is the key to our superior compatibility, speed, size and improved Xamarin implementations.

  • Powerful enterprise features with Xamarin grids and charts

    Fill the gaps in Xamarin's control set with essential data visualization and business controls, including FlexGrid's spreadsheet interface

  • Complements all Xamarin development

    Xamarin.Forms controls work the same as the Xamarin.iOS controls, which are the same as our Xamarin.Android controls. With Xamarin.Forms and our Edition, you can develop once in C# to create a cross-platform app that delivers the same universal experience for all users.

  • Adaptive styles for all devices

    Our controls deliver a unique look-and-feel to match each target device without any extra effort required. The controls are based on true native implementations, so the iOS, Android and Windows experiences match the latest UX trends for all devices.

  • Deliver the best native mobile experience with superior animation

    Animation is a key element to delivering a great mobile user experience in your apps. Our Xamarin calendar, charts, and gauges include built-in customizable animation effects that feel natural on every device.

  • Develop in Visual Studio

    Develop once in Visual Studio 2019 with C# and XAML to create enterprise-level apps with a universal experience for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. Also includes Xamarin Designer support for iOS Storyboards, Android axml, and Xamarin.Forms XAML Previewer.

ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin Control Collections

Studio for Xamarin $895

Includes Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.UWP, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android


Xamarin.iOS $495

Includes controls for


Xamarin.Android $495

Includes controls for


What's New

Xamarin What's New

New export features.

For FlexGrid, new animations have been adding to the grid, including a rip animation when a user long presses over a column, as well as a flowing repositioning animation that triggers as the user drags a column or row to reorient it.

A new FlexGrid export feature allows you to easily export your data to text, CSV, and formatted HTML.

Added a property that allows you to reverse the Radial Gauge’s direction. Rather than draw clockwise for 0 to 360, you can now have it draw counter clockwise from 360 to 0.

All Input controls now support Right To Left (RTL Support). This is important for localizing certain languages, such as Arabic. Layout direction can be changed by setting FlowDirection for any Input control.

Added improved support for cross-platform vector graphics via C1PathIcon. Using this path, data that can easily be resized or colored within your app.

Visual Studio 2019 Support

The Xamarin controls have been tested against and fully support Visual Studio 2019.

What's New Roadmap


Xamarin Control Explorer

Xamarin Control Explorer

Explore all ComponentOne's Xamarin controls, including native mobile charts, grids, input, and calendars

Windows 10

Xamarin ChartBuilder

Xamarin ChartBuilder

Build Xamarin charts on the fly--input your data and generate the native mobile chart

Windows 10

Xamarin C1Weather App

C1Weather App

See how ComponentOne's Xamarin controls work with a weather API. Includes examples of Xamarin charts and grids


Xamarin MyBI Demo App

MyBI Business Intelligence Demo

A real-life example of a material Design-based Xamarin business intelligence dashboard, including gauges, charts, and a grid to summarize sales data.

Xamarin Dashboard Demo App

Dashboard Demo

A real-life example of a Xamarin sales dashboard, including charts, grids, gauges, and analysis