Add powerful and flexible database reporting to ActiveX

VSView® 8.0 Reporting Edition adds powerful, flexible database reporting to one of our most popular ActiveX controls, VSView® 8.0 Classic Edition. Now you can quickly and easily create Microsoft Access-style database reports for your Visual Basic, VC++, and C++Builder applications, as well as preview, print, and export those reports on your computer or over the web. VSView Reporting includes full 64-bit support.

Generate Your Report without Writing Any Code

Quickly and easily create new reports with the WYSIWYG ReportDesigner and wizard. You can also import existing Microsoft Access reports, programmatically create and customize reports, and read data from recordsets or custom data sources.

Easily Preview Your Documents

VSVIEW® 8.0 Reporting Edition documents can be automatically loaded into a web browser or your Windows application, so your users can easily zoom, pan, scroll, and navigate the documents.

Create Documents with Consistent Formatting

You have full control over the formatting of paragraphs, tables, fonts, colors, alignment, and justification, as well as scaling, cropping, and aligning graphics.

Print Your Documents

Printing over the web is no problem! You also get fast display, the ability to move pages within a document, and the ability to define and print complex page ranges.

Export to Common File Formats

With VSVIEW® 8.0 Reporting Edition, you can easily export your documents to RTF, HTML, and PDF formats.