Powerful Ad Hoc and SQL Querying in ActiveX

An elegant solution for ad hoc querying, ComponentOne Query™ collects end-user input and generates a SQL query or an ADO Filter condition at run time. Rather than preparing all imaginable queries beforehand at design time, add ad hoc query functionality to your apps, and make it directly available to end users. Query includes full 64-bit support.

Powerful Ad Hoc and SQL Querying

  • Help users construct queries using convenient names and business concepts that they already know
  • Specify relationships between tables to allow multitable querying
  • Execute SQL queries using any database access engine available in Microsoft Windows
  • Present users with a lookup combo or menu instead of requiring a cryptic ID

Easy to use, easy to customize

  • Query includes full 64-bit support
  • Implement custom editing and custom lookup when you specify any ActiveX control as an editor
  • A built-in user interface makes implementing ad hoc functionality as easy as dropping two controls on a form
  • Allow users to input and generate requests instantly in Simple DataSource Mode
  • Create multitable views that combine information stored in different tables using the Schema Designer
  • Name and organize query fields according to the customer business domain, rather than make your users deal with database table and column names
  • Add Calculated fields to schema views so that users can query these fields as if they were stored in the database