2D and 3D ActiveX charts and graphs in minutes

Get all the robust, time-saving, easy-to-use features you expect — like data binding to any data source — often without writing a line of code. Distribute your charts royalty-free. Chart includes full 64-bit support.

Set the Chart Type with One Property

Reformat any chart from line to bar to pie by simply changing one property. Get the exact chart representation you need for any application. Choose from chart types like plot, area, bar, pie, candle, HiLo, polar, radar, and more.

Change the Chart Type Independently of the Data

With ComponentOne Chart 8.0, you can change the chart type independently of the data or other properties. For example, the same data can be displayed as a plot and then later as a bar chart. With this feature, you have the flexibility to display data in a variety of ways without having to spend development time recreating the chart.

Add Visual Appeal to Your Data Analysis

Add data highlighting, alarm zones, labels, and more to your charts to create a more effective and readable data chart.

Localized 2D and 3D Chart Controls

ComponentOne Chart 8.0 includes 2D and 3D Unicode controls for the best national language support available. Localization of DLL satellites enables you to substitute your own error messages and property pages based upon locale.

Create Highly Interactive Charts

Chart 8.0 provides interactive built-in tools for rotation, scaling, and zooming. Using these tools, you can build highly-interactive charts for your end users.

Quickly Create Chart Data

Load the dataset from a file in an Array or General files format, or connect to an external database. Chart also provides methods that enable you to copy data arrays directly to and from the chart to create chart data.

Use Mouse Tracking

Keep track of the region, series, or data point under the mouse pointer. ComponentOne Chart 8.0 contains a set of methods that — when used in conjunction with the .NET MouseMove event — enable you to create interesting application-specific features like handling a double-click in the legend or chart ToolTips.

Efficiently Copy Data

Instead of copying data to the chart point-by-point, ComponentOne Chart 8.0 allows you to copy entire arrays, increasing performance.