Four ActiveX sizing tools in one

ComponentOne SizerOne® is a four-in-one tool with two resizing controls to easily handle both simple and complex sizing. With the tabbing control, you can quickly create notebook-style and Microsoft Outlook-style tabs.

Tabbing and String Parsing Controls Cover All Bases

With SizerOne's tabbing control, you'll no longer need to keep switching between forms. Slice and dice your strings automatically using the string parsing control.

Save Development Time with Minimal Coding

SizerOne handles all of your resizing requirements — from simple to complex — so you don't need to worry about writing tedious resizing code.

Complete Programmatic Control Over Grid Rows and Columns

Using the Elastic control, you can show, hide, or resize grid rows and columns, as well as lock them or turn them into splitter bars. This enables you to modify the layout of your forms at run time in response to user selections.

Preserve Image's Aspect Ratio while Scaling

With SizerOne, you can scale pictures so that they fill the control while preserving their aspect ratio. This is useful for when you want to use the control to display pictures that come from a database or are selected by the user, and you want to ensure that they don't become distorted when they fill the control.